Steam Boilers

Steam Boilers


Steam boilers have a variety of functions in both the commercial and industrial workplaces. Whether it’s laundromats, food processing or manufacturing, it is important to maintain your pressure equipment. At Elite Combustion Services we offer fast and efficient boiler inspections and repairs to ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum.


5 weekly service – If you have an unattended water tube boiler up to and including 10MW, 5 weekly inspections are a requirement as per AS 2593.

3 monthly service – These are a requirement for Fire Tube Boilers up to 5MW or Water Tube boilers up to 20MW.


This is a mandatory yearly service under AS/NZ3788. The boiler needs to opened for a 3rd party inspector to thoroughly inspect. All parts and fittings need to be checked and overhauled when necessary, followed by replacing all gaskets upon reassembly. Once up to pressure it then requires a critical function test to confirm all safety devices are operational.


Gas appliances are like motor vehicles, in which they require servicing to keep them both operational and efficient. With regular servicing you can be rest assured knowing your gas appliances and burners are working in the most cost effective and safest manner. 

Depending on the type and size of your steam boiler determines the frequency of service intervals. They will require either a 5 weekly or 3 monthly inspection to stay compliant as per AS 2593.

Servicing your gas appliances will ensure you are only consuming energy that you need. An overfired gas burner not only costs more to run, but it is also harmful to you and the environment. 

If a gas leak is present, it is best to isolate the gas supply at the nearest isolation valve and call a gas technician. They will be able to fix the leak and confirm that everything is safe.

We offer emergency service 24/7 and will generally be available within the hour.