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Steam Boilers

Steam boilers have a variety of functions in both the commercial and industrial workplaces. Whether it's laundromats, food processing or manufacturing, it is important to maintain your pressure equipment. At Elite Combustion Services we offer fast and efficient boiler inspections and repairs to ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum.


5 weekly service - If you have an unattended water tube boiler up to and including 10MW, 5 weekly inspections are a requirement as per AS 2593.

3 monthly service - These are a requirement for Fire Tube Boilers up to 5MW or Water Tube boilers up to 20MW.


This is a mandatory yearly service under AS/NZ3788. The boiler needs to opened for a 3rd party inspector to thoroughly inspect. All parts and fittings need to be checked and overhauled when necessary, followed by replacing all gaskets upon reassembly. Once up to pressure it then requires a critical function test to confirm all safety devices are operational.

Gas Burners

Burners play an integral role in a wide range of industries. From the food we eat, to the water we wash in and to the systems and machinery that keep our daily lives running; burners are often overlooked for the important functions they carry out.

Elite Combustion Services are well aware of how powerful these burners are, and work closely with customers across many industries to equip them with burners that will enable their specific work and processes to continue in a manner that is reliable, efficient, and effective.

Regular upkeep is something that can easily be forgotten due to the busy lives of a home or business. That's why we offer a wide range of service plans to suit you so you no longer have to worry.

During a service we will remove the burner if possible, disassemble and clean all the internal and external components. We thoroughly check all safety devices, test run and record all pressures and combustion results within a detailed report.

Gas Heaters

While gas heaters are energy efficient and cost effective, there have been health issues linked to faulty appliances, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. It is important to have your gas heater serviced and tested at least once every 2 years by a qualified gas fitter to ensure optimal levels of operation.

Servicing is also recommended if:

  • The flame is yellow or sooty.
  • There are signs of heat damage or discolouration of walls or heater panels.
  • The pilot light goes out unexpectedly or makes a ‘popping’ sound when lighting.
  • The wall surrounding the heater are too hot to touch while heater is on.
  • There are signs of soot stains around the heater.
Hot Water Heaters

Hot water is standard in today's society, without it many of our day to day processes and activities stall. It is one of the many things we as humans take for granted. It takes a combination of Gas, Electricity and running water for it to get into your homes or business.

We at Elite Combustion Services work on hot water heaters both big and small. We have expertise in the domestic, commercial and industrial space and offer 24 hour support to all customers.

There are a wide variety of heaters on the market and choosing the right one can be tough. Our team can not only help you choose the right appliance for your needs, but also install and commission it to ensure it is both safe and highly efficient.

Bakery Ovens

The heart of every bakery. Oven maintenance is key to preserving the condition of an oven and its parts. Maintenance of an oven should involve the following aspects:

  • Regular scheduled inspection of oven condition.
  • Replacement of worn, damaged or rusty components.
  • Gas burner servicing, tuning and combustion analysis.
  • Regular lubrication of all moving parts.

Regular oven maintenance will provide your oven with a longer life, run more efficiently and aide in producing top quality products all year round.


Our experienced team can do all kinds of installations, some of these are:

  • Steam / Hot-water Boilers
  • Gas Burners
  • Domestic and commercial Gas heaters
  • First & second fix gas fitting
  • Gas ovens
  • Gas cooktops
  • Gas BBQs

This is an important aspect to any gas installation. During the commission stage of your installation, every part of your gas appliance is checked. This is to ensure everything is set at the right pressures and all safety devices are operational.

Once your gas burner is commissioned, it will not only be compliant but also running at optimum efficiency. Saving you and your business money.

Combustion Analysis

Boilers and burners require a combustion analysis on a regular basis for proper operation. The combustion analyzer measures the air-to-fuel ratio of the burner and calculates the efficiency of the boiler. It also checks for high carbon monoxide emissions, excess air and flue temperature.

All our testing equipment is Testo made, so you can be well assured that you are receiving top quality results. The testing instruments are regularly calibrated to ensure your appliances are efficient and well maintained.

A combustion analysis should be performed if you clean or replace a burner or heater, replace a fan, alter the gas train or change the gas and air pressures in any way.

Preventative Maintenance

Normal everyday use of machinery and equipment causes wear and tear which can affect their efficiency. Preventative maintenance ensures the equipment will always operate at optimal conditions and preserves the lifespan. You will be able to rest easy knowing that your equipment is running under safe conditions and potential issues will be discovered before having a chance to potentially cause major damage or bodily harm.

Preventative maintenance procedures are much less costly than breakdowns and repairs to damaged equipment. We have a wide range of preventative maintenance plans to suit all homes and businesses. Contact us today to book a free consultation.


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